Why would you use a Recruitment Agency to find a person in 2020?


It’s 2020 and we are still waiting for flying cars, however the world has become more and more advanced and most services you can just go to the internet and find what you need.  So why are companies still using recruitment agencies?


Saving on Workload

When managing people or actively working on the R&D of a new device, reviewing 100’s of applications for the right type of person can be daunting and may not take priority over the latest issue you need to deal with to keep business moving forward.


This means the perfect person, who may be in that pile of applications, would have most likely moved on to another role by the time you review their details.


By using a recruitment agency, they filter these applications, so you only need to review a handful of people.  Something that would take hours and hours is suddenly limited to maybe an hour.  Saved time = saved money in the majority of companies.


Getting to review a wider pool of people and saves you Money

If you only recruit directly, you could be limiting the number of people you consider for the role.


Just like going to a comparison website for insurance to save time, candidates will often register their details with only a couple of specialist recruitment agencies so that they can focus on their day job while the recruiter finds them a number of options.


If you advertise the role (either on a jobsite or on your own website) you need to hope people see your advert and apply but you may be one small advert or careers page out of 100’s when people may not go past page two of a search engine or job site.


If the person who applies directly is better than the candidates you receive from a recruitment agency, fantastic…. You have the best candidate and saved money.  However, if the best candidate comes via a recruitment agency and that person’s work makes your business more money….. fantastic, you’ve also saved money and have the best candidate.  When a company “cheaps out” on a product they often end up stung, the same goes for getting the right people into your team of people.


So, by using a recruitment agency you both make sure you have a wider pool of people, assuring you hire the best person and save money at the same time.  I know often, people look at using a recruitment agency as a cost they can cut but if using them gets you the best inventor who creates a one-million-pound idea, was that recruitment fee that bad?


Manages the person’s expectations for You

One of the main reasons someone withdraws their application is not knowing what is happening with their application.


You may have interviewed someone and really like them, but you want to see the other two people you have booked into an interview because it’s the fair thing to do.  This will take over a week, so you tell this first person “we’ll get back to you in two weeks” as standard process.  When this person hears nothing for a week, but another company are making them an offer, they will often presume you are not interested in them, thinking “otherwise they would have come back to me already”, and take the other role.  If you are using a recruitment agency, they will be in continual contact with the person, so they know the process is still normal.  The recruiter can also tell you if the person has received an offer from another company, giving you the chance to progress quicker if needed.


Protect your company’s Reputation

Surprisingly, this is one note a lot of companies do not think about.  As mentioned, you may receive 100’s of applications.  It is unlikely that your main role is replying to these applications so you naturally only get back to people who you feel would be suitable for the role.


The problem with this is you have a lot of people who never hear back from you.  When talking to friends in your sector they could say things like “don’t apply to them, they never get back to you” which can result in really good people ignoring you.


When using a recruitment agency, if they do not get back to the candidates it is their reputation not your company’s that is being affected.  Also, if you already have this reputation, a recruiter can convince the person that your company is worth making an application to.  I’ve had people join companies who have told me “I would never have applied to this company if you had not spoken to me”.


Bit of advice when using a recruitment Agency

A lot of people have horror stories when using recruitment agencies, so here are a couple of tips that should help you find the best one for you;

  • Use a specialist recruitment agency. If you are looking for someone from the Medical Devices, Scientific Engineering, Life Sciences, Machine Learning or Robotics field I’d suggest using Newton Colmore Consulting (I’m biased as this is my own recruitment company).  If you are looking for an Automotive Engineer, I would suggest not using Newton Colmore Consulting as we are not specialists in this field.  It’s a simple tip, but if a recruiter knows your sector, they know people who are looking, know people to approach with your opportunity and they know how to represent you to protect and sometimes improve your image.  Personally, if you ask me about a role I cannot help with, I’d rather point you in the direction of a recruiter who can help you than fail to help you and waste your time.
  • Don’t just go for the cheapest. I know budgets can be tight but recruiting the wrong person can cost a business a lot more than using a specialist industry recruiter and finding you the right person.  Most recruiters will want to build a lasting relationship with you so will do everything they can to help you.
  • Don’t ignore the recruiter. Any recruiter will tell you that it is a nightmare for their candidates, when a company engages you to look into a role and then they go quiet when they have sent the company a few people’s applications.  You may have just had something happen in the office meaning you cannot progress immediately…. Tell the recruiter this and they can manage the applicant’s expectations for you, then when you are ready to interview there is a much better chance of the people still being interested in your company.
  • Don’t choose a large recruitment company over a small one just because of size. I’ve worked for large recruiters, I’ve worked in small recruitment companies (and now own one), I’ve got friends in large recruitment companies and friends in small recruitment companies.  What they all have in common is it’s the recruiter you are talking to that offers you the service.  In fact, I personally have had more individual resources at smaller recruitment companies than when I have been at larger ones.
  • Test out new recruiters if you think they can add value. May sound silly, but if someone approaches you offering a service and fail, they will leave you alone in the future most likely.  But if you test out their services and they offer a great service (even if they do not find you the person, but the service was good) then you have found a new supplier who you can trust.  Most recruitment companies will not charge unless someone starts with you, so testing out their service is free, and you only pay on success.


So why would you use a Recruitment Agency to find a person in 2020?

In a nutshell, why not?  It’s a free service and you only pay on success.  There is no automated service than replace recruiters just yet, and I’d expect this to be the case for a long time.


Why use Newton Colmore Consulting to find me a person in 2020?

We started Newton Colmore Consulting in January of 2015 and have provided recruitment services to the Medical Devices, Scientific Engineering, Science, Machine Learning and Robotics fields since then (plus another six years in these fields before starting Newton Colmore Consulting).


We are Director owned and run, meaning we will work on your role until we are told otherwise.  We feedback if there is a lack of candidates and explain why.  We do not have KPI’s to hit, so will not harass you for new roles every other week and will not just send you an application to please a boss.  Everything we do will be to continually build on our working relationship with you.


So, if you are looking for someone please feel free to test out our services.  It’s free and you only pay on success.  You can contact Andrew Welsh at andrew.welsh@newtoncolmore.com or Matthew Lowdon at matthew.lowdon@newtoncolmore.com or please feel free to call us on 0121 268 2240 or have a look at our website – newtoncolmore.com


Or if you would prefer to review some of our specialist fields please take a look at the following pages on our website;

Medical Devices Recruitment – https://www.newtoncolmore.com/medical-devices-recruitment/

Machine Learning Recruitment – https://www.newtoncolmore.com/machine-learning-recruitment/

Science Recruitment – https://www.newtoncolmore.com/science-recruitment/

Research & Development Recruitment – https://www.newtoncolmore.com/research-development/

Product Development & Invention Recruitment – https://www.newtoncolmore.com/product-development-invention/

Embedded Software & Electronics Recruitment – https://www.newtoncolmore.com/embedded-software-electronics-recruitment/

Sales & Business Development Recruitment – https://www.newtoncolmore.com/sales-business-development-recruitment/

Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs recruitment – https://www.newtoncolmore.com/quality-assurance-regulatory-affairs-recruitment/


Also, let me know your views on using recruitment agencies, any extra points I should add?  Any reason why you would not want to use a recruitment agency?  I want to hear views from all sides.

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