I’ve been recruiting for the Medical Devices sector since 2009 (before being involved with Medical Devices Recruitment I recruited in the IT sector) and when I started working in the sector I fell in love with it.


I’m asked quite often “why Medical Devices Recruitment?” and I don’t really have a specific answer to give as there are quite a few.


One of the main reasons I lover Medical Devices Recruitment is the fact I’m helping companies obtain the people they need to produce lifesaving and life improving technologies.  This is something I’m very proud to be able to say.  I love to learn about new technologies and how they are going to help people all around the world.


Also, the people I deal with are a delight.  When I worked in the pure IT sector (not scientific software) I found a lot of the processes were always being pushed and candidates often took the first role they were offered, which meant if a company moved slowly they missed out.  Medical Devices Recruitment works differently; candidates have a real passion for the type of technologies they get to work on.  I’ve had candidates take roles that are paying less just because of the company feel or the type of medical device they get to work on.


So this is why I started Newton Colmore Consulting with my fellow director and good friend Matthew Lowdon.  Since starting in Medical Devices Recruitment in 2009 I’ve also had focuses on Scientific Engineering, Scientific Software, Robotics, Sales & Marketing (both Medical Devices and Scientific) and Pure Science roles.  These sectors work in a similar way to the Medical Devices sector.


So if you want to work with people who really have a passion for Medical Devices Recruitment, Scientific Engineering Recruitment, Scientific Software Recruitment, Robotics Recruitment, Sales & Marketing Recruitment and Science Recruitment please get in contact with us at Newton Colmore Consulting on 0121 268 2240 or enquires@newtoncolmore.com


You can find out much more on Newton Colmore Consulting at our website – https://www.newtoncolmore.com/


See what the people we work with think of us – https://www.newtoncolmore.com/medical-devices-recruitment/


Or just read other blogs we write – https://www.newtoncolmore.com/blog/


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