Is AI the key to unlocking the mysteries of Alzheimer’s?

Is AI the key to unlocking the mysteries of Alzheimer’s?

An interesting article here on Fierce Biotech about a neuroimaging start-up that is aiming to take on Alzheimer’s.

They aim to do this by building maps of the brain and utilising AI to hone in on neurological inflammation, demyelination and axonal loss, which are key signs of neurodegenerative diseases.

They are then working on identifying biomarkers associated with the above and create a guide on to early indicators and diagnosis.

The CEO of the start-up, Jean-René Bélanger goes on to add “What we have is a platform that develops biomarkers based on imaging for drug development. We’re working with CROs and with pharma companies to help them extract information from the white matter that they would not see otherwise.”

You can read the full article here;


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