Science Recruitment

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Science Recruitment

Since the start of 2009 the two directors of Newton Colmore Consulting have been successfully recruiting in the Scientific Sector.

One of the main reasons Newton Colmore Consulting has a focus on Scientific Recruitment is because it complements our Medical Devices recruitment coverage so well.  For example, when Newton Colmore Consulting helps a company recruit medical devices design experts for the development of a new diagnostic system the same organisation likely need a number molecular diagnostics scientists, quality assurance scientists and other lab based roles.

On top of the lab based roles we recruit for we also find our approach to scientific experts helps us find relevant scientific sales, business development and marketing experts who have worked as a scientist in the past before moving into a commercial role.

What Type of Scientific Recruitment?

Newton Colmore Consulting’s approach to the scientific market has been naturally developed with our clients over the years.  Specifically, we know the term “Scientific Recruitment” or “Science Recruitment” is a very general outline.  Due to this we wanted to outline a few of the specialist fields Newton Colmore Consulting have recruited in;

  • Cell Biologist, Molecular Biologist, Molecular Chemist, Bio-Chemistry Scientist, Chemist, Immunologist, Assay Development Scientist, Biological Physicist, Synthetic Biologist, Formulation Development Scientist
  • Pharmaceutical Scientist, Drug Discovery Scientist, Biopharmaceutical Scientist, Microbiologist
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager, Quality Assurance
  • Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Trials Manager, Clinical Director, Clinical Statistician
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Ink Chemist
  • Bioinformatician, Cheminformatician
  • Project Management & Consultants
  • Scientific Sales Specialist, Business Development Manager, Marketing Executive
  • And many more…

Over the years the specialists we have helped find new careers have helped in the development of lifesaving and life improving drugs, chemicals that have helped with the advancement of complex technologies and many other fields that help human kind.

Newton Colmore Consulting is proud to assist Scientific companies, consultancies and research institutes with finding the specialists they need to develop medicines, drugs and chemicals that aid the world.

If you are looking for any of the above skillsets in your Scientific business/team or you are looking for this type of role please get in contact by clicking here or calling us on 0121 268 2240.

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