Over the last few months I’ve noticed quite a lot of recruitment memes appearing on LinkedIn.  They started as motivational ones talking about putting more effort in etc.

However recently they are becoming more silly or implying recruiters and sales people are very ruthless and do not care about their customers.

What I’m finding hard to understand is why people are sharing these new ones?  Do they not realised that their potential customers will likely see this on LinkedIn?  So if you like or share these silly things your respected customer base may decide you are not the type of person they want to work with.

I’m curious to what you all may think about these new memes.  To make it clear I don’t mind when people post about their lives on LinkedIn, I find it confusing when people write comments like “This is not Facebook”, let people do what they want to do with their social media.

But I’m asking the question – Why do people share these new ‘unprofessional’ memes?

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