While reading through the Medical Devices, Scientific and Machine Learning news stories this week I found the following few stories really interesting.  Have a look and let me know what you think of them;


New Pacemaker Powered by Heartbeat

Cool new piece of technology to start off with.  Replacing pacemakers every 5-12 years could be a thing of the past due to this;



Five possible New Diabetes Treatments for 2019

Working with a number of Diabetes Medical Devices companies over the years made this an interesting read for me;



Aluminium Exposure Feared Medical Devices Withdrawn From Hospitals

Slightly more worrying story, enFlow System has been removed from some hospitals according to The Guardian;



What’s The Difference Between AI & Machine Learning?

With a focus on Machine Learning Recruitment, that Newton Colmore Consulting has, I found this an interesting insight;



Medical Physics (and other fields) Machine Learning Revolution

How could I not be interested in this?  It talks about Machine Learning and Medical Devices applications;



FDA Tightening Medical Devices Regulatory Affairs Standards

In the past few months, there has been news about Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance standards not being the best for Medical Devices, it now seems the FDA are taking some steps to tighten these;



No-Deal Brexit Transition Period for Medical Devices?

Sorry, a news story related to Brexit.  It seems EU Committee’s are urging for a transition period for Medical Devices, in the case of a No-Deal Brexit;



Machine Learning and AI in Game Design

Not the normal field for us, gaming, but I still found it interesting to see Machine Learning and AI being used in game design;



New Website

Just in case you missed it last week, Newton Colmore Consulting launched a new website last week – https://www.newtoncolmore.com/ – to showcase how we can help with Medical Devices Recruitment, Machine Learning Recruitment, Scientific Recruitment and other complex fields.


If you would like to have a look at the latest roles we are recruiting for, also check out this page of our new website – https://www.newtoncolmore.com/jobs/


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