Part of our role at Newton Colmore Consulting is to keep up to date with the latest news and inventions in our sectors.  Here are a couple that caught my interest over the last week;

Identifying Sepsis in New-Borns

Machine Learning and Automation devices being used to identify Sepsis in new-borns, very important technologies in saving a lot of avoidable deaths.  There are a couple of articles about this;



Robotic Arm Teaching Itself

A robotic arm is currently able to teach itself how to handle objects.  I’ve spoke to people over the years who have said the next steps in Machine Learning is to create AI that can teach itself to improve and is an example of this;


FDA Warning on Robotic Surgery

According to NBC News, the FDA have warned against using robotically assisted surgical devices specifically for mastectomies and other cancer surgeries.  This is because of “preliminary” data saying it may be linked to lower ling-term survival.  It is an interesting article, but I would not say definite just yet as I see great need in Surgical Robotics in the Medical Devices sector;

I’d like to hear your thoughts on these news stories and would like to know if there are any stories our there you think I may find of interest.  Please message us with your thoughts and ideas.


Our New Website

Also, quick reminder that Newton Colmore Consulting launched a new website recently –  – please have a look and let us know if we can help you with your Medical Devices, Machine Learning, Scientific or other complex recruitment needs.

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