Interested in news that has nothing to do with Brexit?  This is what caught our eye this week;


Cheaters Beware, Machine Learning System spotting Machine Learning Systems Writing

Thinking about using a Machine Learning program to write a report, thesis or any other important document?  Well, you may want to think twice;


IBM is Using Machine Learning to Diagnose Alzheimer’s

A cool implantation of Machine Learning is being used to diagnose early onset Alzheimer’s;


How should AI be Regulated in the Medical Devices Sector?

With AI being implemented into the Medical Devices Sector more and more, how should it be regulated?;


Robot Uprising or Really Cool Development in Machine Learning?

An AI-Controlled Robotic Arm has been developed that can self-learn over time;


New Website

Just in case you missed it over the last couple of weeks, Newton Colmore Consulting launched a new website last week – – to showcase how we can help with Medical Devices Recruitment, Machine Learning Recruitment, Scientific Recruitment and other complex fields.


If you would like to have a look at the latest roles we are recruiting for, also check out this page of our new website –


Also, if you have your own articles you would like to add to our Blog, please feel free to upload them and we will publish any that match our website’s audience –


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