It is that time of year where the recruitment sector gets busy, a lot of companies start signing off new roles while also replacing people who decide to move on.


Medical devices recruitment is effected in the same way, but I feel it is a little different at the same time.  Candidates in the medical devices sector tend to look for new and exciting technologies or a more diverse use of their skills rather than disliking their current role.  I ask people why they are looking for a new role and the normal response is “I’m not actively looking but would like to hear about anything interesting”.  This is the type of reply I get from candidates who apply for roles or have their CV registered with us.


When working in other sectors, in the past, I used to hear people say they had problems with the company or they wanted more money and similar reasons.  I enjoy working in medical devices recruitment as people focus on the type of work they will be doing.


So if you are looking for a new medical devices role or need to recruit an experienced medical devices expert please do let us know at Newton Colmore Consulting the Medical Devices Recruitment and Scientific Recruitment experts.


Andrew Welsh – Director

Newton Colmore Consulting –

0121 268 2240

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