Machine Learning Recruitment

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Machine Learning Recruitment

Machine learning is one of the fastest growing sectors within technology at the moment and is one of our key markets. Although many may view Machine Learning as a sub-sector to Data Science, we have found when working on machine learning recruitment projects that our clients view machine learning as its own specialism.

The war for talent within the technology sector is at an all-time time high; with companies battling on all fronts to secure the people they need to develop their disruptive technologies and products. And within machine learning recruitment, the competition is extremely fierce.

Why Machine Learning?

Machine learning, as a sector, is experiencing exponential growth and it is really exciting to be partnering with companies, helping them secure the people they need. New companies are starting every day with a vision of changing the world with their ideas; accompanied with venture capital cash, veteran advisers and share options.

It is the share options that can make recruiting from your competitors tricky, as engineers and scientists will not usually want to give up thousands of shares. Speed is also a huge factor in securing the right specialists.

The machine learning market moves extremely quickly which means that you can miss out on top talent by having elongated recruitment processes. Never before has it been so important to have a highly effective and streamlined recruitment process. Especially as candidates have more and more options.

If you decide to put someone through a three-interview process but your competition offers a one or two interview process, you will miss-out on the best people. Some companies, who need three interviews due to funding agreements, will hold all three interviews on one day to speed up the process.  This is the type of competition you will be up against when filling your machine learning jobs.

At Newton Colmore, we have built a good understanding of the market and have played a pivotal role in helping our clients find and secure the people they need. Our most recent assignments range from machine learning engineers at graduate level through to a Data Science Manager position. We work on machine learning recruitment projects globally, meaning we have access to international machine learning experts also.

We have secured machine learning specialists within two weeks before which shows our accuracy and we have also searched for over nine months before, which demonstrates our commitment.

If you would like to find out more about of services please call us on 0121 268 2240 or email us by clicking here.

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