Embedded Software & Electronics Recruitment

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Embedded Software & Electronics Recruitment

Newton Colmore Consulting have been working with Medical Devices, Scientific, Communications and New Product Development organisations for a long time, something all these sectors have in common is the need for Embedded Software Engineers and Electronics Engineers.

Why Embedded Software and Electronics?

Due to the complex nature of the projects they work on, our clients, need Embedded Software and Electronics experts to design and delivery of ideas that often have never been considered previously.

You will often see a lot of roles available for Embedded Software Engineers, Embedded Hardware Engineers, Electronics Engineers, Electronics Design Experts and other similar roles.  However, the roles we often recruit for are very unique due to the complex nature of the sectors we work within.

Newton Colmore Consulting really enjoy helping organisations recruit the experts they need to push forward their sectors to deliver world changing ideas and we think you will enjoy being a pivotal part of new technology development.

If you are looking for that challenging and complex role, that will help you develop and grow your Embedded or Electronics knowledge, please get in contact by clicking here or calling on 0121 268 2240

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