New Newton Colmore Consulting Website

New Newton Colmore Consulting Website

Just a quick note to let you all know that Newton Colmore Consulting has launched a new website –

So if you need help with your Medical Devices, Scientific, Machine Learning or other complex recruitment please let us now.

Also get in contact if you are looking for a new role in these fields.

Ten Years of Medical Devices and Scientific Recruitment #10yearchallenge

Ten Years of Medical Devices and Scientific Recruitment


I’ve noticed a lot of #10yearchallenge posts going around and it made me realise that wow, I’ve just come up to ten years in the Medical Devices and Scientific Recruitment sectors, it feels like five minutes ago that I was moving from IT recruitment over to the Medical Devices and Scientific sectors.

It is not an understatement to say I love recruiting for these fields.  So much so that I co-founded Newton Colmore Consulting, a Medical Devices, Scientific and Machine Learning recruitment company.

As new lifesaving and life-improving medical devices, industry changing scientific technologies and new scientific discoveries are being invented and found, I must learn new things almost daily.  This has kept me really focused on my sectors and given me a real passion.

When out having a meal with friends I find myself talking about new technologies that have been dreamed up by start-up companies or new articles about inventions, until the tell me to stop.

For the last few years we’ve attended the Bioengineering Careers Fair at Imperial College London and try to help as many students find new roles as possible, be that via ourselves placing them or by giving them advice that will help them in their job hunt.  I hear the information we provide is useful, so this makes me proud.  I also love to hear what projects the have worked on during their education and funded one a couple of years ago.

As Newton Colmore Consulting grows, we hope to give back to the sector we love by funding more projects as again, it makes us very proud.

I like to think we are different to most of the recruitment sector and hope the candidates and companies that use our services see this.  I hope they see our passion and enjoy working with us.  As individuals, we are always looking to improve at Newton Colmore Consulting.

To think about the amount of information I have taken on since having no idea what ISO 13485 means to helping companies with physicists, embedded engineers, electronic design specialists, quality engineers, regulatory affairs experts, machine learning engineers, bioinformaticians and other complex skillsets I can only dream I could do myself.

I love learning new things as new technologies are explored by companies and hope the learning never stops for me.

I’ve written this article to help me reminisce over the last ten years and if I wrote down every little story, I have ever encountered, I would be writing War & Peace.  I once left the Medical Devices and Scientific Sector for three months, I was unhappy at the company I worked for and thought a change in sector would help.  I found out very quickly it was not the sector at all and quickly moved back into recruiting for the Medical Device and Scientific Sectors.

Anyway, thank you for reading.  If you operate in the Medical Devices, Scientific, Data Science or another complex field please check out our website for more information on Newton Colmore Consulting or feel free to send me a message or give me a call and I will be very happy to talk your ear off and hopefully help you in your recruitment needs.

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