Current Market in the Medical Devices Recruitment Sector

Current Market in the Medical Devices Recruitment Sector

Current Market in the Medical Devices Recruitment Sector


I’ve recently been asked a couple of common questions by a number people looking for a Medical Devices jobs and companies looking to hire Medical Devices professionals. I thought, as a specialist in Medical Devices Recruitment, I’d cover a couple of them.


  • Are there many roles available at the moment?

Answer – Quite simply, yes.  I have quite a few medical devices clients in Birmingham, Cambridge, London, Boston (US) and other locations who are keen to add to their teams.


They are finding it difficult to find people with the right level of experience.  Due to a slowdown in recruitment a couple of years ago, Medical Devices Recruitment has become difficult for companies who are looking for someone with ‘a couple of years’ industry experience.


My suggestion to these companies are to consider people with slightly less or slightly more industry experience or maybe from another complex area (when possible, certain roles cannot allow this).  So, if you are looking for a new Medical Devices job but worry that you do not have the correct number of years experience, I’d suggest making an application anyway.


Don’t get me wrong, if a company are looking for an R&D Director, I don’t suggest graduates make applications.  But if there is a junior looking role and you have three or four years experience, it is worth making an application.  If it is directly to a company, there should be relevance in your application (having a Medical Devices background) so they may consider you for other areas.  If via an agency, hopefully you will use a Medical Devices recruitment specialist like Newton Colmore Consulting, who may have other suitable roles for you.


  • Are there many people looking for a new role?

Answer – A few, currently the Medical Devices recruitment sector is quite short on candidates.  This is obviously in line with the unemployment levels being lower than it has been for a very long time – .  Also, the slowdown in EU migration has slowed down Medical Devices experts moving to the UK.


This means when a Medical Devices company is recruiting, they may need to be a little flexible.  I mentioned earlier that companies should consider candidates with a little less or little more experience.  Quite often, a person with the right attitude will be a better hire than someone with the wrong attitude and a couple more years experience.


Medical Devices recruitment stays busy due to the unique roles, meaning when a company if looking for a Regulatory Affairs specialist they may also be looking for someone who has submitted FDA 510k submissions.  This reduces the chances of finding someone.  So, you (as a company) need to either be a little bit flexible or be willing to wait for the right person.


  • What do you expect from the Medical Devices sector in the next few months?


Answer – Historically, the next two to three months become very busy in Medical Devices recruitment.  Medical Devices companies start signing off a lot of new roles and industry specialists start looking for new Medical Devices jobs.


With this, if you are looking for a new member of staff or you are looking for a new role and would like to find out more about Newton Colmore Consulting’s Medical Devices recruitment service please feel free to call me on 0121 268 2240 or email me on


Or if you would like to read more about Newton Colmore Consulting’s presence in the Medical Devices Recruitment Sector, please have a look on our dedicated Medical Devices page –




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