Robotics Recruitment

RobotsSince the start of 2009 the two directors of Newton Colmore Consulting have been successfully recruiting in the Medical Devices and Scientific sectors.  There has been a shift in the types of technologies used in the last few years where robotics has become more and more important.

When you look at global trends you see technologies like surgical robotics, driverless cars, remote control underwater systems and other applications that are changing the way we expect the future to look in both our home lives and professional lives.

Since the market shift has been happening we have noticed that quite a lot of recruitment companies recruited for the ‘engineering sector’ or ‘electronics sector’ instead of having a focus on robotics, mechatronics or machine learning.  This has resulted in recruiting companies not being provided with dedicated specialists.

This is where Newton Colmore Consulting is different, over the years we have evolved with the sector recruiting and networking with specific universities and companies that focus on creating lifesaving and life improving robotics technologies.  This is not just the view of robotics as a job lot but also specialists who focus on creating vital sensors technologies, machine learning software, embedded hardware/software components and all the other areas that all combine to advance robotics for a range of sectors.

Why Robotics?

Due to the time Newton Colmore Consulting’s directors have spent in the medical devices and scientific sectors they felt it was time they established Newton Colmore Consulting in 2015, offering a dedicated service for the robotics field as they understand how important it is to work with a recruitment team who understands your industry.

Over the years the specialists that we have helped find new careers have helped in the development of surgical robotics, medical robotics, space robotics, underwater robotics, sensor systems and many other complex areas.

The type of roles we are successful assisting with are;

  • New Product Development Engineers
  • Research & Development Specialists
  • Physicists
  • Mechanical Design Engineers
  • Mechatronics Engineers
  • Electronics Design Engineers
  • Embedded Hardware Engineers
  • Embedded Software Engineers
  • Wireless Technology Consultants
  • Medical Robotics Designers
  • Surgical Robotics Designers
  • Field Service Engineer and Maintenance Engineers
  • Software Development
  • Business Development, Sales & Marketing Specialists
  • Project Management & Consultants

If you are looking for any of the above skill-sets in your business/team or you are looking for this type of role please get in contact by clicking here or calling us on 0121 268 2240.

Newton Colmore Consulting is proud to assist Medical Devices and Scientific companies, consultancies and research institutes with finding the specialists they need to develop lifesaving and life improving technologies.